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1. The Tenant should use the Apartment only for residential purposes. In no event the whole of the Apartment nor any portion thereof can be sublet by the Tenant to any other person without the prior consent of the Landlord. No any commercial or illegal activity is allowed.

2. The Tenant should maintain the Apartment in a proper and sanitary condition and avoid any disorderly conduct and maintain public order. The Landlord has a right to terminate rental anytime in case of breach of public order. Payment is reinstated for all days left except 1 day.

3.Number of persons can not be changed without prior consent of Landlord.

4. No parties or similar happenings allowed

5. The Tenant shall make no alterations, additions, or improvements to the Apartment.

7. The Tenant shall properly operate all equipment, sanitary and electrical appliances in the Apartment, and shall surrender them , when leaving the apartment, in good operating order (normal wear and tear excepted). Tenant is liable for all damage, if any has occurred to Apartment or neighboring Apartments through his actions. Landlord know that all they operate properly at moment of signing of this note

8. The Tenant shall not keep on the Apartment any object, which may in any way damage the Apartment or the Building. The Tenant shall also immediately notify the Landlord of any accident or other event, which has caused (or threatens to cause) any damage to the Apartment or neighbor Apartments