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Rental Apartments in St. Petersburg




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Frequently asked questions

► Do apartments have individual bathroom, toilet and kitchen?

Yes, all apartments have individual bathroom, kitchen and toilet. You will not have to share it with other guests.

► What about linens and towels?

We provide all our guests with linens and towels. We pay special attention to the matter of cleanliness and accuracy

► Is it quiet in apartments?

Apartments are not rooms in hostel, but separate apartments, and therefore you will not be disturbed through other guests behaivoir

► How far are they located from city center?

All apartments are located from 5 to 15 minutes walk away from Winter Palace Square and Hermitege Museum

► Do you provide visa registration service?

Travellers, who stay under 10 days in St. Petersburg, do not need to let visa be registered

► Are quoted prices final?

Yes. There are no any additional costs

► Can you arrange for airport transfer?

We can order a taxy, when you ready to go. Average price is around $10-$15

► Can guests organize any events in apartments?

No. Apartments are only for residential purposes. Please check our home rules.