Saint Petersburg-100 Islands City / info
Getting around

The most convenient city transport is metro(underground). It is not yet zoned and you can get from one side of the city to the opposite at a fixed price of 25 Roubles. To board you must buy a metal token at the entrance and drop it into the slot of the gate as you pass it. Please notice that metro gets very crowded during rush hours and some stations get almost impossible to be entered in this time.
Other options are bus, tram and trolley-bus. Price may vary between 19 and 25 Roubles there, and you buy ticket from attendant, inside of bus.

Taking a taxi, having a meal

Taking a Taxi
Taxies are not of unified color. You can see them by yellow checkers sign on top. Fair price for a ride within a city center is 300-500 Roubles, drive to airport:700-1000 Roubles. Recommendable were to order a taxi through one of the services-price will be quoted with operator:
Baltijskoye Taxi,Phone:000, 058
St.Petersburg Taxi (Petergurgskoye Taxi),Phone: 068,www.taxi068.spb.r
Having a Meal
There is absolutely no problem to have a meal, when being in the city center.It depends on your taste and amount you are willing to spent. For those visitors, whose budget is tought, we suggest a map on the right, with a number of places to eat in the midst of the city center, where you average bill will stay withing 50-150 Roubles.
Restaurants, with an average bill of 500-2000 Roubles.
Vegetarian resaurants