St. Petersburg - 100 Islands City
Saint Petersburg

St. Petersburg has been called the Venice of the North. But it definelely has the charm of it's own. Among 50 museums is Hermitage - one of the world biggest collections of art. Top theater, ballet productions and concerts contribute to cultural life of the city, which is an amazing mix of traditions and newer influences. City is also a museum of architecture in the open air.

Rental apartments

Vacation rentals are reasonable alternative to the hotels, when you are staying in St. Petersburg for several days. Apartments are located in the historical center - all major sightseeing destinations are within walking distance. 10% discount when staying for more then 7 days. Seasonal discounts.


There are all types of hotels in St.Petersburg. You can find here the members of international chains, such as Radisson or Kempinski and also 3 and 2 star hotels, located both in the city center and outside. We will be glad to help you to select the hotel.

Plan for today

On the tips page you an find the useful information about planning you trip, arriving to st petersburg by plane, bus, train. Booking of a hotel, rental apartment. We summed up there essential information on the major sightseeing objects, full list of museums, restausants, theaters and other places of interest. We also offer an interactive map of St.Petersburg with photos and videos of the city.